Area Heating & Cooling has the services to meet all your needs!

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Whatever your needs Area Heating & Cooling, Inc has the services to meet them. Building a new home, remodeling or upgrading your current heating system or needing to repair your current system we can help. Our factory trained service technicians are available for appointments for repairs or maintenance inspections Monday - Saturday from 8am until 8pm. We repair all major brands of central heating or cooling equipment!

  • Are your heating and cooling bills too high?
  • Is your indoor unit or your outdoor unit (or both) too noisy?
  • Do you have a problem with humidity in the summer? Or dry air in the winter?
  • Are there any rooms in your home that are always too hot or too cold?
  • Do you have pets or do any family members suffer from allergies?
  • Do you have problems with lingering cooking odors?
  • Does your system run all the time?
  • Does your furnace short-cycle constantly turning on and off?
  • Is your system easy to maintain with a filter that's easy to get to and change?
  • Is your outdoor unit unattractive and not aging well?
  • Is your unit backyard safe?
  • Is your system still covered by a warranty?

If you have questions such as these, we can help! CALL 360-737-0811 or click here to contact us today!


Area Heating & Cooling has contributed over $19,750 since 2010!

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