Performance Testing Comfort Systems (PTCS)

Area Heating & Cooling, Inc has PTCS "Performance Testing Comfort Systems" Certified Technicians to maximize the efficiency of equipment and save you money on energy bill.

PTCS Ducts

Duct Blaster testing to determine the leakage rate of ducting.

PTCS Heat Pump Commissioning

This test checks for proper refrigerant charge of the heat pump and airflow rate across the indoor coil to maximize equipment efficiency.

NW Energy Star Verifier

Area Heating & Cooling, Inc is certified to do Energy Star home verifications for Washington and Oregon homes that participate in the NW Energy Star homes program. We inspect various stages and parts of a given home to make sure the Energy Star program standards are met or exceeded in order to "rate" or qualify a home as "Energy Star".

On average a typical ducted system leaks 30% or more. Area Heating & Coolings "standard" duct installations leak on average less than 10%. An energy star installed duct system on new construction leaks less than 6%.

Older homes tend to be leaky or drafty because of air leaks around doors or windows, poor insulation level (in some cases none at all), or just poor construction. The blower door test can tell how leaky the home is and we can provide solutions to correct the leaks. To maximize the return, money saved, on your homes energy consumption keep in mind the following: tight ducts, tight home (properly ventilated), correct refrigerant charge and air flow across the indoor coil not only keeps you comfortable but will save you money each and every month. These PTCS test are just a few of the services Area Heating & Cooling can provide.


Area Heating & Cooling has contributed over $19,750 since 2010!

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