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Are you using window unit air conditioners in order to cool your home? Then now is the time to reassess your situation, save your back the trouble of lugging those units in and out every season, and dial our number. Why? Because we can outfit your home with a great central air conditioner in Vancouver, WA, along with the ductwork that it needs provided that you purchase it along with your new system. Contact us for details about available systems from trusted manufacturers, such as Trane®.

As you’ll see below, there is really just no way that a window unit air conditioner, or even multiple units, can compete with what a central air conditioner has to offer. It is important to remember, however, that a central AC is going to need to be installed by qualified professionals. This is not a weekend project for a DIY enthusiast. With over four decades of experience behind us, Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. can be trusted to install your new AC. Make the comfort call today.

Why Choose a Central Air Conditioner?

Because it beats what window units have to offer in pretty much every category that you can think of. Sure, window units are cheaper to purchase. However, they don’t work as efficiently as a central air conditioner will. They leave your home unsecured, particularly when installed on the ground level. They’re noisy. They’re inconvenient because they have to be uninstalled and stored away between summers. Plus, a central air conditioner can share ductwork with your forced air heating system.

Let Us Install or Replace Your Split Air Conditioner

A central air unit needs to be professionally installed, from the first step of the process through the tightening of the very last bolt. If your central AC system in Vancouver, WA is not of the right size for your home, it is not going to cool your home as effectively or efficiently as it should. These are the types of details that you’ll want to entrust to our devoted HVAC installation technicians.

When you schedule your central cooling system services with us, you can expect to get a full and productive lifespan from that system. Eventually, though, even the best central air conditioner is going to have to be replaced. When that time comes, remember to dial our number. We’ll help you to choose the right replacement central air conditioner for your needs, and we’ll help you to enjoy its peak performance.

Routine Maintenance and Professional Repairs

Even the best air conditioners installed by the best HVAC installation technicians in the industry are not 100% reliable. The key to getting your system as close as possible to that level is to schedule routine central air conditioning maintenance in Vancouver, WA. Our preventative maintenance plan makes keeping your system tuned up easy!

If and when you do encounter the need for air conditioning repairs, contact us immediately. The longer that you wait to have your system repaired, the worse off that system is likely to be. We will diagnose the problem accurately and resolve it successfully, so that you can get back to cooling your home successfully.

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