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Duct Testing and Sealing in Vancouver, WA

There are a lot of options to choose from when heating and cooling your home at present. That being said, forced air systems such as furnaces and central air conditioners still reign supreme. These systems tend to be more affordable to install than something like a radiant heating system, and they offer prompt and dependable air distribution.

That is, they do up until the point when the air ducts that they use are compromised. If you have any suspicion that your air ducts are leaking or damaged, then scheduling professional duct testing and, depending on the outcome, duct sealing in Vancouver, WA is your next step. Testing ducts is just one of the many services that the professionals on the Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. team can handle for you.

Signs of Trouble with Your Air Ducts

Testing ductwork to detect leaky ducts is not the type of service that you are going to be scheduling regularly, as you should be doing with routine HVAC maintenance. Because leaky ducts can be so problematic, however, it is something that you should schedule as soon as you suspect that there is a problem with your ductwork. That is why we’d like to share some tips to help you recognize the need for duct testing and, potentially, duct sealing.

  • Falling indoor air quality is a common sign of leaky ductwork. Not only can conditioned air leak out of the system, but unconditioned air and the pollutants that it carries can leak in.
  • Hissing or whistling sounds are not just a minor annoyance, but could also indicate that you have ducts leaking in the vicinity of the sound.
  • Uneven heating or cooling resulting in hot or cold spots throughout your house could certainly mean that the affected areas are the result of leaky ductwork.
  • Increased heating and cooling costs could be the result of increased system usage, but could also mean that efficiency is falling due to poorly sealed or damaged ducts.
  • Recent issues with pests warrant an inspection of your ductwork, as these critters can very often damage insulation and flexible ducts.
How Does Duct Testing Work?

If you are serious about having your duct testing in Vancouver, WA completed properly, then you need to hire HVAC service technicians that not only what they are looking for, but how to look for it. It is not something that you can accomplish by peeking into your vents with a flashlight.

Testing ductwork is handled not by visually inspecting the ductwork, as it is mostly hidden from view, but by testing the pressure within that ductwork. We’ll seal off your ducts and registered, pressurize the system, and measure the pressure within the ducts against the output of the calibrated fan used to pressurize them. That will tell us if air is leaking out.

Duct Sealing Is No Job for Duct Tape

We’ve all slapped some duct tape onto something or other as a quick fix before. Ironically, duct tape should never be applied to air ducts, and certainly not in an effort to effectively seal them. Duct tape has its uses, but it breaks down quickly and does not offer a lasting seal.

We not only know how to test ducts in Vancouver, WA, but we use the right materials necessary for sealing those ducts with lasting results. After pinpointing the source of any leaks in your ductwork, we’ll apply a mastic sealant that hardens as it dries, ensuring that you are able to keep the conditioned air in your ductwork, where it belongs.


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