New Construction

If you are a volume builder looking for a HVAC contractor, or you are a homeowner building your dream home, we are the best choice for a quality install.

Why Choose Area Heating for your project?

  • We have dominated the new construction market since 1975 working with builders like New Tradition Homes for 30+ years.
  • We are know for our craftsmanship and because we have a department just for new construction, we are able to meet all project deadlines.
  • We are so confident in our install team, that we will stand behind the craftsmanship portion of the duct work for the life of the system.
  • We help you with permitting, heat load calculations and equipment selection that will meet your needs.

Submit your blueprints to for an estimate.

What is the 2021 WSEC?

The WSEC is the Washington State Energy Credit requirement in all new home builds. It requires that you meet a certain number of credits. If you are building a home that is between 1500 – 4999 Sq Ft, you will need to obtain 8 credits. It is possible that your HVAC system could meet up to 5 1/2 of those credits.

When you are ready for a bid on your project, we will request a set of plans to perform a heat load calculation to size the equipment and do a preliminary duct layout. The other information we will need is the R value of windows, walls, floor and ceiling. We will also log this information onto the WSEC form that is required for you to pull a building permit.

Our sales representative will then reach out to you to go over equipment options that will meet the WSEC requirements, and also meet the efficiency requirements. An electronic estimate will be emailed over and once it is accepted we forward you all of the documents needed for permitting.

All installers go through an on the job training protocol, to ensure us, that we are all performing a high standard of quality on each installation. Because of our high standards, we have a high employee retention, with staff that have worked with us 20+ years.

“Brandon – Service Tech – friendly, helpful and overall nice to work with”

John Oliverio, Canby

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