We know that having work done in your home is stressful, and it can be a daunting process. Our sales team will make the process smooth. Because of their expertise and experience they will be able to to educate you on the best system for your home!

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a great option if you live in a climate like Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR. A heat pump can heat and cool, but an air conditioner can’t. A heat pump can run with a gas or electric furnace.

Because the heat pump is able to transfer heat between your home and the outside air, it may reduce your electric use up to 65%!


Mini splits or ductless heat pumps can be a good alternative to radiant heat or window air conditioners. An indoor head or multiple heads are mounted on interior walls or ceilings. There is no ductwork need and the units are accompanied by an outdoor heat pump.

Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is used to cool down your home by removing heat from inside to the outside. The cool air is moved by the furnace, usually gas. Unlike the heat pump an air conditioner only provides cooling.

Dual Fuel

Traditionally heat pumps are paired with an electric furnace. A dual fuel system is a heat pump accompanied with a gas furnace. This is an excellent combination to allow for a heat pump installation without potentially costly electrical upgrades, such as a panel upgrade. Also, it may save on your overall operating cost.


The furnace is the indoor portion of your HVAC system. They are either gas or electric and are usually installed in a garage, attic, mechanical closet or crawlspace of the home. The furnace is connected to the ductwork and you are able to add a heat pump or air conditioner to the system for year around comfort in your home!

Thermostats / Zoning

The controller / thermostat is the part of the system we all use most. From 7 day schedules, WiFi capabilities, humidity reading options and more, we can help find the ideal thermostat for you.

For multiple story homes, zoning gives the option to run different temperatures on each floor! With separate control on each level, our sales team can help you find the options that will give you comfort for years to come.

Indoor Air Quality

Making sure your home has cleaner air is what your family deserves. If you suffer with allergens, pollutants, or pet dander. Our team of experts will help improve your homes air quality with the right products!

New Construction

If you are a local builder looking for a dependable heating contractor, or a homeowner building your dream home, we have you covered!

Ductwork & Venting

The ductwork design and layout is a crucial part of your heating system. Like the water pipes in your home, airflow works the same way. Our team of installers work with your sales representative to make sure your airflow is comfortable in all the areas of your home.

If you have poor airflow or need your venting repaired we are your full service HVAC contractor in Vancouver and the greater Portland area!

Schedule your free in home estimate with one of our comfort consultants!

Products We Install

We are committed to doing our best, and will only install the very best equipment. TRANE is a world leader in HVAC solutions. TRANE systems are a reliable and high quality product. Likewise, Mitsubishi is top of line. It is extremely efficient and extremely quieter than other brands.

Trane Furnaces and A/C

Browse the TRANE equipment in the link below to research ratings and efficiencies

Mitsubishi Equipment

Browse the Mitsubishi equipment in the link below to research ratings and efficiencies.

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