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Comfort Assurance Program

The CAP program is based on us performing regular maintenance (approximately every six months) on your air conditioning and heating equipment.  Having maintenance performed on a regular basis helps to cut down on costly repairs because we normally find the small problems before they become large ones.  Regular maintenance helps reduce your utility bills because the equipment is operating at maximum efficiency.  And, regular maintenance helps the equipment last longer because it doesn’t have to work so hard to keep you comfortable so it isn’t operating under such extreme conditions all the time.

Most all of us have the oil changed in our cars regularly and maybe even have the tires rotated when we can think about it.  And while the automotive mechanic is under the hood, we at least hope he looks at our fan belts, air filter, washer fluid and the amount of anti-freeze in our radiator.  The reason most of us have this done is because we sure don’t want our vehicle to break down and leave us stranded on the side of the road waiting for a wrecker in the middle of the night.  And we know that if we have regular maintenance performed our vehicle will most likely last longer, and no one wants to purchase a new car every couple of years.

Well, your air conditioning and heating equipment are no different than your automobile.  They also need regular maintenance, and most of us (myself included) even forget to change the filter, much less spend the time to clean the system properly. 

And, believe it or not, if you counted the actual operating hours of your air conditioning and heating system and compared it to driving your automobile at 60 miles per hour, it would be like driving your car 219,000 miles every year.  I don’t know of too many automobiles that would last more than a year or two! 

Most of our CAP Customers claim that the maintenance is almost FREE because of their reduced utility bills.  Other Priority Customers claim that since we’ve performed regular maintenance on their air conditioning and heating equipment, they haven’t had a breakdown.

While still other CAP Customers have stated that since we’ve performed regular maintenance, that they noticed that their unit doesn’t run as long and that the air coming out of the system smells cleaner and fresher, as well as cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Now for the benefits - all “CAP Customers” receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted price on maintenance & one (1) free filter: By scheduling your maintenance during non-peak season and pre-pay for the following year, you pay less & receive one free 1", 2", or 4" filter!
  • Priority Service – which means you always get moved to the front of the line of all Non-Maintenance Agreement customers when you have an emergency repair.
  • 15% Discount – on all labor and parts for any and all repairs.
  • Never Pay Overtime – this means that you can continue to call us any time during the day, night, or on the weekends, and you’ll always pay the normal low daily rate (not the overtime rate, and of course you’ll get a 15% discount on all parts and labor).
  • 2-hour appointment window: Customer with a C.A.P will be allotted a 2-hour appointment window instead of the standard 4-hour window allotted to non-C.A.P. customers. 
  • Ensures Extended Warranty Coverage: Most extended warranty companies require a yearly maintenance by a certified HVAC contractor to keep your warranty valid. We make sure to keep you covered and informed regarding your warranty. 
  • Improved Utility Bills & Longer Equipment Life: By keeping your system clean, you can be assured that all components are working at the highest efficiency possible to you comfortable for years to come. 

Rest assured that we do our maintenance a little different than all other companies because we always perform a Precision Tune-Up on the cooling and heating system every time we service them.  We don’t just service the cooling in the spring and the heating system in the fall.  We'll service the cooling and heating system every time because we know that there are times that you need to operate the cooling during the day and the heat at night.  This is no 30-minute checking or just looking at the system (anyone can look at the system and say they checked it), but if you don’t actually clean anything what good are you doing?  Our Precision Tune-Ups normally last between 1 and ½ hours to two hours and can take up to 3 hours if the system hasn’t been cleaned in several years.  

Not only do we wash, clean, vacuum, oil, test all safety controls, and change the filters on the heating and cooling equipment every six months, but we also tighten all electrical connections, visually inspect for freon leaks, blow out all your air conditioning condensate drain lines, as well as treat them for algae.  We measure and record the air temperatures and refrigerant pressures so we can be sure that the system is operating as close to the factory specifications as possible.  We even go so far as to put a protective coating on your equipment so that they last longer and look like new.  

So, how do you sign up for this great program and become another satisfied Area Heating & Cooling C.A.P. Priority Customer?  All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial 360-991-0922 ask for our Service Department, and we’ll handle it from there.  It’s very simple and painless, so don’t wait another day.  We and your air conditioning and heating equipment thank you.


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