Dual Fuel Systems

This hybrid heating and cooling system combines a traditional heat pump with a furnace so you can stay energy efficient all year long!

When Does Dual Fuel Make Sense?

If the temperature is always changing outside, and you experience all four seasons, like we do here, then dual fuel is the way to go.

Dual fuel systems take the best qualities of both systems to tackle whatever climate you may wake up to.

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How Can Duel Fuel Save Energy?

The ability for a dual fuel system to switch between a furnace and a heat pump is what saves you energy, time and money. 

Instead of letting a regular heat pump do the extra work in the winter, a dual fuel system lets the furnace do the heavy lifting. This means, the heat pump isn’t expending unnecessary energy to do a job a furnace could do quicker and more efficiently. On the flip side, a heat pump can warm your home in a more energy-efficient way than a furnace when it’s just cool outside, and a dual fuel system lets it do just that.

All this switching between functions doesn’t only save energy, but it also saves time and money. By allowing the best device to heat or cool your home at the best time, a dual fuel system gets your home to your desired temperature faster. Not to mention, less energy wasted from your HVAC systems means less money wasted on utility bills for you.

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Michelle Coffing, Camas

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