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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Vancouver, WA

Once you really begin to delve into the various systems that can be used to make your home a more pleasant living environment, you may begin to feel your head spin. There are a lot of different systems out there, and the fact is that many homes will be able to get by without some of them. If you want more than to “get by” when it comes to your overall comfort, however, we recommend that you consider the use of a heat or energy recovery ventilator.

A major challenge for homeowners interested in maintaining great indoor air quality in their homes is doing so efficiently. Why? Because maintaining great indoor air quality means maintaining a sufficient amount of ventilation, which in turn means wasting energy during the ventilation process – doesn’t it? Not so much, it turns, out, when you allow the professionals at Area Heating & Cooling, Inc. to equip your home with an HRV or ERV in Vancouver, WA.

What Are Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators?

Basically, a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is a mechanical ventilation device. More specifically, they are balanced ventilation systems, meaning that they bring air in as they vent air out, striking a balance between the temperature – and humidity, in the case of the ERV – between the two. Unlike just opening up a window to ventilate your home, ERVs and HRVs are able to do so with much less impact on your heating and/or cooling loads.

The systems integrate directly into your HVAC system. During the summer, the air in your home can really dry out and lose its overall quality. The HRV or ERV will vent the old, stale air out, while bringing in fresh air. The outgoing stale air will absorb heat from the incoming fresh air, precooling it to reduce any resulting increase in cooling load. In the winter, the device preheats incoming fresh air, transferring heat from the outgoing stream to the incoming one.

What’s the Difference Between ERVs and HRVs?

Heat recovery ventilators transfer heat between incoming and outgoing airstreams. The two streams do not intermingle at all during the process, however. With an energy recovery ventilator, moisture is exchanged between the air streams as well. This is beneficial if you have issues in balancing humidity within your home. While the ERV is certainly not a dehumidifier, the exchange of moisture between the air streams can prove beneficial.

While some may advise that an ERV is really only necessary in very hot and humid climates, the fact is that a number of different factors can influence which system is right for your home. The airtightness of the home in question is a major influencing factor. A major benefit of scheduling your HRV/ERV services with qualified professionals is that you’ll know that you have the right system for your home’s unique needs in place.

We Install and Service Both Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators

Regardless of whether you need an HRV or an ERV in Vancouver, WA, there is one truth that stands tall. You need to have that system installed and serviced by professional technicians that can do the job right. When it comes to HRV systems and ERV systems, our team has the experience and expertise to guarantee that this is the case. With our help, you’ll be enjoying the full benefits of heat recovery or energy recovery in no time.

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