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In the Pacific Northwest, winter is a bit milder than in certain other parts of the count. Still, the fact is that your heater and your air conditioner are both incredibly important pieces of equipment. You rightly expect them to deliver outstanding performances, which is why you are right to schedule your HVAC services in Battle Ground, WA with Area Heating & Cooling, Inc..

With over 40 years of history backing us, you can count on true expertise and exceptional service quality when you work with us. From brand new furnace installations to routine air conditioning maintenance, we do it all. Don’t take chances with your comfort at any point during the year. Instead, let our technicians help you to get the most from your home comfort systems.

Professional Heating Services in Battle Ground

During the coldest stretch of the winter season, the last thing that you want to deal with is a subpar heating performance. You won’t have to worry about that when you work with us, though. We install outstanding systems from the industry’s most trusted brands, including Trane®. We install ductwork as well, provided that it is purchased along with a new furnace. From heat pumps to ductless mini splits and the cover-all-of-your-bases dual fuel heating system, we’ve got something for everyone.

Furnace Repair & Installation

Furnaces are among the most popular of all home heating systems, if not flat out the most popular of all! There is good reason for this. When properly sized and expertly installed, a furnace can heat a home with not only great reliability, but great efficiency as well. The quality of the installation is key, so be sure to let our HVAC installation technicians handle that for you. We can also handle your furnace repairs in Battle Ground, WA when the need arises.

Ductless HVAC and Heat Pump Services

Did you know that a heat pump allows you to both cool your home effectively and to heat it with incredible efficiency? This is thanks to the fact that heat pumps are able to reverse their operation, cooling homes just like central ACs and working in the opposite fashion when temperatures drop. By making use of existing heat in the air outside - and there is always heat in the air outside - heat pumps and ductless mini splits offer up affordable heating all winter long.

Residential Air Conditioning Services in Battle Ground

The central air conditioner is a major upgrade from loud, inefficient window units that leave your home unsecured. Unlike these window units, your central AC in Battle Ground, WA must be professionally installed, though. We’ll make sure that your whole-house cooling system is of the right size for your home, and that it installed therein with the utmost care. Have an old air conditioner that has seen better days, or has broken down entirely? Let us replace it for you!

AC Repair and Maintenance 

Modern air conditioning systems are very dependable, but they require annual tune-ups in order to function at peak performance and efficiency levels. This protects system reliability, too. Let our HVAC maintenance technicians keep your system in the best working condition possible. Even with routine maintenance, problems are likely to develop at some point in your system’s service life. When they do, you can count on us for quality AC repair services. We’ll have your system back on track in no time.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is very important, but that is not the whole picture. Subpar indoor air quality can negatively not only your comfort, but your health and even your property itself, as well. Let our team help you to improve your indoor air quality in Battle Ground, WA. From air purifiers and filters to humidity control systems, energy/heat recovery ventilators, and the Air Scrubber Plus® system, we have what you need to breathe better air in your home.

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